Tales of Weird Florida

Stories of Magick and Mystery from the Sunshine State

High winds and storm warnings? Not exactly the best time for Eugene Law to be out on the road, but when a message from an old friend lights up the cell phone of Tampa’s finest Magician, Tropical Storm Florence has to take a back seat. The Gloom is hungry, and it’s got a hankering for human flesh. 

Umbralings, truculent spirits, and a very progressive pair of glasses take Gene Law to the brink in this short story from the Tales of Weird Florida.

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Dead Set

Magick demands sacrifice… so does family.

For Eugene Law, one of Tampa’s few active Magicians, Florida’s a great place to raise a family. It’s got pleasant winters and plenty of opportunity—that is until an army of the damned rise up to ruin his little slice of heaven.

It isn’t long before Gene finds himself neck deep in the Restless Dead, Hell Fleas, Minor Demons, and a daughter that’s a magnet for the dearly departed. Along with a less-than-helpful apprentice, our Magician will discover it’s going to take every ounce of Magick he’s got, and more than a little he doesn’t, for him to survive this one intact.

Magick demands sacrifice, and as Gene Law is about to find out, so does family.


Gathering Gloom

Innocence lost is wisdom gained...

College isn’t all wild parties and air guitar, there are dark corners in those hallowed halls of education, places where spindly legs stir and hungry fangs glisten beneath the eternal twilight. 

None of that matters to Eugene Law, a young and naive Magician more concerned with beer and friends than the hard road to Magickal proficiency. Yet when a seemingly chance encounter shows off the true depth of Gene’s power, he’ll find himself in the crosshairs of deadly ambitions.

Together with a fiery Yaga Doll and a Magickally well-equipped roommate, it isn’t long before Gene’s misplaced trust lands him neck deep in evil with more than one soul hanging in the balance.

Will Gene see the truth in time, or will he be lost deep in the heart of a Gathering Gloom?

About Martin Shannon

Up to his armpits in alligators...

Martin Shannon’s been using his imagination to avoid weeding since he was in short pants. His first series, Tales of Weird Florida, is an homage to the Sunshine State he knows and loves, and has spent countless hours exploring. It’s got mystery, mayhem, and more than a little Magick. He hopes you enjoy the supernatural side of the upside down state, but if not, he’s got a banjo, and he knows how to use it.

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The Weird is calling

Your eReader is lonely, feed it some Florida

You’re never ready for your first…

Magician and brand new parent, Eugene Law, learns that lesson the hard way when half-living shadows, kleptomanical Pixies, and a heaping dose of sacrificial Magick make for one very crowded delivery room.

Broken water and bad mojo abound in this exciting and exclusive short story from the world of Weird Florida.