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So, a few months ago I get the call. I’m hip deep in revisions for ‘Gathering Gloom’ and can barely see straight, when the loving and highly talented KA Miltimore reaches out to me on Twitter and asks if I’d be interested in joining on as an author for the ‘Autumn Nights: 13 Spooky Fall Reads’ anthology.

For those who don’t know, KA is the author of a very interesting and enjoyable series of paranormal cozy mysteries. (Find me a better Urban Fantasy series with a Chinchilla, I dare you!)

Be careful, reading this will make you hungry…

She put me in touch with the always lovely and highly motivated Cassandra Kim. Cass is the author of the unique and wholly different take on the ‘half-pocolypse’ that is “Wilders.”

Come for the unique premise, stay for the monsters!

In a remarkable twist of fate, both women were willing to take a chance on me and allow the inaugural Tales of Weird Florida story, “Magician’s Weekend” to grace the pages of Autumn Nights.

Magician’s Weekend: Insanity is a pizza pie best served cold, or at least that’s how it’s going to be by the time Eugene Law gets to it. A quiet evening without the family turns into a madcap parade of critical rolls and saving throws in this tale of Weird Florida.

I could not be more thankful to have been a part of the anthology, but also to have met so many great writers.

I would like to extend a very special thanks to the following members of the Autumn Nights team that I am very glad to have met.

Special Authors

KA Miltimore – Thank you for taking the gamble, and for getting me off the bench and out on the field.

Cassandra Kim – Thanks for including me, and for being equal parts den mother and fierce badger of courage. You wrangled fourteen authors into a loosely focused amoeba of confusion that somehow moved forward in spite of our selves, for that alone you deserve sainthood.

Edison T. Crux – Mr. Cover Art, and my personal Ned Flanders. Edison is a man’s man, a great person and overall true soul.

There’s more to Wisconsin than beer and cheese…

So, if you haven’t already, take a minute to check out these authors, and to grab a copy of Autumn Nights. I think you’ll like what you find…


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