I get a lot of questions about how I come up with the wild and crazy ‘Magickal’ items that make up the Tales of Weird Florida universe. It’s simple, for the most part each and every item has had some impact on my life growing up.

It all started when I was very young. My grandfather was a depression era gentleman with a penchant for collecting ‘almost working’ items from anyone who would part with them. It started small, as most obsessions do, but soon grew to unbelievable dimensions. In the beginning he had a two car garage you could get two cars in, but in short order one car was relegated to the driveway, and it didn’t take twelve months before the second joined the first.

The garage continued to expand. The floors consumed by half-filled paint cans, upon which antique tables sat, precariously stacked high with sewing machines, toasters, old speakers, and all manner of cutlery in various stages of rust removal (and addition.)

As I got older I was allowed to accompany the man on his visits to the various flea markets that pockmark the state like good Swiss cheese. As a young boy it was a larger than life experience. My grandfather was a well known figure at many of the larger shows, and there was always someone there with a box of something ‘you just gotta see.’ I’d grow up to learn that most of what he filled his garage with was worthless, but as a kid it was a treasure of untold worth.

I think that’s why Tales of Weird Florida includes the artifacts it does. All of them came from ‘Walt’s Garage,’ and to me, every one of them was magic in its own way.

While he’s not with me any more, I like to think he would appreciate the legacy I’ve given his treasures.

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