Postcards from the Fringe

Wisdom from the Weird. Getting to know the Strange Shine state one blog post at a time.

Wondering what Martin’s up to? Where the next thinning is going to be? The best way to avoid New Dead, or score a perfect BLT? You’ll find those things and more inside. Except the BLT, he’s still looking for that.

After hours at the 24/7 Demon Mart – An interview with DM Guay

Let’s welcome DM Guay (“Denise”), author of the wildly inventive “24/7 Demon Mart” series as first official participant in what I’m calling “Out of State Weird.” In this new series
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Cover the Walls

Dead Set is finished. The first book in the Tales of Weird Florida series is complete and sitting in the hallowed halls of Amazon awaiting delivery to readers. So what
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On Magick…

The following is an excerpt from the personal archive of Eugene Law, Tampa’s finest—and possibly only—Magician.  It’s Friday and I’m sitting on a chair in the backyard swatting at mosquitoes.
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Who writes short shorts?

The Lester Dent Model, my pulp fiction mantra.
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Sewing Machine

One man’s trash is another man’s…

I get a lot of questions about how I come up with the wild and crazy ‘Magickal’ items that make up the Tales of Weird Florida universe. It’s simple, for
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Q & A with Eugene Law

An old Mazda pulls into the parking lot and I have to hurry. I’ve known Gene for a few years now and that means I know he hasn’t had his
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The Weird is calling

Your eReader is lonely, feed it some Florida

You’re never ready for your first…

Magician and brand new parent, Eugene Law, learns that lesson the hard way when half-living shadows, kleptomanical Pixies, and a heaping dose of sacrificial Magick make for one very crowded delivery room.

Broken water and bad mojo abound in this exciting and exclusive short story from the world of Weird Florida.