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The Hounds of Helvet are circling, and so are the valets. Finding a good parking spot is the last of Eugene Law’s worries when a Bridge Troll curse and some jewelry with a mind of its own turns West Florida’s best Magician’s evening sideways. Gene and his wife Porter have a night off without the kids, but this charity ball will leave them with little to feel charitable about. Enjoy this exciting prelude to the first book in the Tales of Weird Florida series, Dead Set, when you sign up for the Tales of Weird Florida newsletter.

Praise for Tales of Weird Florida

The Tales of Weird Florida series is pure fun! Loved Gene and I can't wait to read more of his adventures. "Chicagoland Wizard" fans have a new fix with this series.

Kat Stiles
Author of Modified, @katstilesauthor
September 25, 2019

Martin hits the weirdness that is Florida right on the nose. The magick is clever, the laughs are big, and these people are my neighbors.

G. Michael Reynolds
April 25, 2019

Martin's exceptional use of whitespace and font selection make me swoon.

Agatha Christie
January 12, 1976

Martin brings his stories to life. When I read, I alternate between laughing out loud and sitting on the edge of my seat death-gripping my kindle to see what’s next. If you like fast-paced stories and quick thinking heroes—read it. You’ll fall in love with Weird Florida.

Cass Kim
@CassKim_Writes and author of Wilders
September 25, 2019

Martin's Weird Tales of Florida does the impossible - it makes real life Florida seem tame. Get ready for the pulpiest romp through the Sunshine State with a motley and magical crew. You will love every crazy minute.

K.A. Miltimore
Author, Gingerbread Hag Mysteries
April 20, 2019

About Martin Shannon

Inventing worlds to avoid yard work since middle school.

Martin Shannon’s been using his imagination to avoid weeding since he was in short pants. His first series, Tales of Weird Florida, is an homage to the Sunshine State he knows and loves, and spent countless hours riding his bike through as a kid. It’s got mystery, mayhem, and more than a little Magick. He hopes you enjoy the supernatural side of the upside down state, but if not, he’s got a banjo, and he knows how to use it.

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Bahama Blues

Available 2020

Hook, Line, and Slinker

Now Available

Danderous Delivery

Available 2020

Ballroom and Chain

Now Available

Dead Set

Magick demands sacrifice… so does family.

For Eugene Law, one of Tampa’s few active Magicians, Florida’s a great place to raise a family. It’s got pleasant winters and plenty of opportunity—that is until an army of the damned rise up to ruin his little slice of heaven.

It isn’t long before Gene finds himself neck deep in the Restless Dead, Hell Fleas, Minor Demons, and a daughter that’s a magnet for the dearly departed. Along with a less-than-helpful apprentice, our Magician will discover it’s going to take every ounce of Magick he’s got, and more than a little he doesn’t, for him to survive this one intact.

Magick demands sacrifice, and as Gene Law is about to find out, so does family.